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Sara Farrington

NYC & NJ based playwright & co-founder of theater company Foxy Films. She writes both traditional and non-traditional works for the theater.


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Plays [traditional]

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Sara Farrington @ Maplewood Ideas Festival

Sara Farrington

SARA FARRINGTON is an NYC & NJ based playwright, screenwriter, co-founder of her theater company Foxy Films. She prides herself on her playwriting range and likes to think she can write a play out of anything. She has an uncanny ear for any tone, any style, any time period, any kinda person, from a full 1940s patter, to the Edwardian restraint of Edith Wharton, to the histrionics of a shapeshifting Senator Lindsay Graham, to a pretty damn good imitation of Tennessee Williams. She attributes this to being an actor for much of her life. She loves writing for actors and they gravitate toward her work.


She received her MFA from Brooklyn College under the evil eyes of General Mac Wellman and before that studied theater and performance at Connecticut College and The National Theater Insitute at The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. Sara is the author of The Lost Conversation: Interviews with an Enduring Avant Garde, (53rd State Press/TCG), A Trojan Woman (Broadway Play Publishing, Inc.) and Mickey & Sage (Broadway Play Publishing, Inc.)


Sara’s play CasablancaBox was nominated for two Drama Desk Awards. Sara's plays have been critically acclaimed by The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, American Theatre Magazine, El Diario, The Village Voice, Lighting & Sound in America, NY1, Vice and many more. 

Sara has made a lot of theater with a lot of people at a lot of places. It's all right here in her resume:


Outside of the theater, Sara works as an audiobook narrator (visit her Audible page). She is also a fierce anti-fascist and anti-Republican activist. She's a champion of the #MeToo movement and in 2018 she led a coalition to take down Peter Rofe, a serial sexual predator who assaulted over 60 of his female voice clients, including me, over the course of several decades. Read all about his destruction at (story told using unmarried name, Sara Asselin). Sara is also one of the original founders of Immigrant Families Together, a non-profit created in 2018 during the inhumane "zero tolerance" policy of child separation at the US-Mexico border.

Sara is an atheist Jew, tattoo enthusiast, avid reader, curious researcher, intrepid biker, dilletante drawer, and unbeatable classic Simpsons trivia expert.


Most importantly, Sara is mama to Jack and Levi and hope they continue to think she is cool.

New Play Network Profile
64th Annual Drama Desk Awards
Dramatist Guild Member
Kilroy 2020

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