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Conceived by Foxy Films

Written by Sara Farrington // Directed by Reid Farrington // Choreographed by Laura K Nicoll // Performed by Rafael Jordan, Jenny McClinton

Cooper Howell, Laura K Nicoll & Lynn R Guerra

It’s anyone’s guess, but it looks great, 
with sound, movement, choreography,
movie clips and
props working together in sometimes dazzling concert." 
- Rollo Romig The New Yorker


BrandoCapote is a multimedia dance

theater piece inspired by a 1957

New Yorker magazine profile of

the actor by Truman Capote.


Disguised as an interview,

BrandoCapote evolves into our

own version of In Cold Blood,

Capote's true crime masterwork.

In BrandoCapote, like In Cold Blood,

Capote puts a human face on

an inhuman act, exposing

generations of toxic masculinity,

abuse and violence.

BrandoCapote was built over

several years and 3 workshop runs.



Final 15 minutes // World Premiere // November 2019 // The Tank NYC


BrandoCapote, world premiere // Nov 2019 @ The Tank NYC // FEATURING: Rafael Jordan // Jennifer McClinton // Laura K Nicoll // Lynn R Guerra // Cooper Howell // Production photos by Miguel Aviles





BrandoCapote is

conceived by Foxy Films

Written by Sara Farrington

Directed by Reid Farrington

Choreographed by Laura K Nicoll

Performed by Rafael Jordan, Jenny

McClinton, Cooper Howell

Laura K Nicoll & Lyn R Guerra



Rafael Jordan* – Brando

Jennifer McClinton – Capote, or The Devil

Lynn R Guerra* - Dodie, or The Mother

Laura K Nicoll – Cheyenne, or The Daughter

Cooper Howell* – Christian, or The Son

Sara Farrington – Voice of Capote, or The Devil

Akiyo Komatsu – Vocal Impression of Truman Capote




Written by: Sara Farrington

Directed by: Reid Farrington

Choreographed by: Laura K Nicoll

Video Designed by: Reid Farrington

Stage Manager: Jaclyn Pageau

Noh Consultant: Mayo Miwa

Lighting Design: Laura Mroczkowski

Sound Design: Marcelo Anez

Costume Design: Andre Joyner


Construction: Kelvin Gordon-El


song performed by: Daniel DeWald

Lighting Assistant: Evan Hawkins

Sound Assistant: Sam Soghor

Technical Director: Conrad Kluck  

Asst. Stage Manager: Haley Gordon



1957: Truman Capote interviewed Marlon Brando in his room at The Miyako

Hotel for seven hours while the actor was on location in Kyoto, Japan shooting

the film Sayonara. The revealing profile, The Duke in His Domain, was

published in The New Yorker on Nov. 9th 1957. At the time, Brando was the

most famous movie star in the world, forever changing acting in theater and film.

1966: Capote became the most famous American writer of his generation after

the publication of his “non-fiction novel” In Cold Blood, about the Clutter family murder at the

hands of Dick Hickok and Perry Smith. Hickok and Smith were hung for their crimes on April 14th 1965.

1984: Truman Capote died of liver disease due to a lifelong addiction to pills and alcohol. He was 59.

He never completed another book.

1990: Christian Brando, Brando’s oldest son, murdered Dag Drollet, who was Cheyenne Brando’s

boyfriend, with a single bullet to the face. Drollet, who was 25, was watching TV in Marlon’s living

room when Christian shot him. Christian pled guilty to manslaughter and spent 4 years in prison.

Cheyenne witnessed the murder.

1995: Cheyenne Brando committed suicide by hanging. She was 25.

2004: Marlon Brando died due to complications from respiratory and pulmonary

disease. He was 80.

2008: Christian Brando died of pneumonia. He was 49.



Films referenced: 

The Missouri Breaks,

A Streetcar Named Desire,

On The Waterfront, Julius Caesar,

Mutiny on The Bounty, Sayonara,

Reflections in a Golden Eye,


Last Tango in Paris, Apocalypse Now,

The Island Of Doctor Moreau,

The Godfather, Don Juan DeMarco,

Free Money

Prose referenced

The Duke in His Domain,

by Truman Capote

In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote


Plays referenced

A Flag is Born, by Ben Hecht




BrandoCapote, in workshop // March 2019 @ Art House Productions, Jersey City, NJ // Photography: Miguel Aviles 

BrandoCapote, in workshop // August 2019 // Art House, Jersey City, NJ