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Audiobook narration

My background in NYC theater as a performer, playwright and avant-garde theater maker has shaped me into a compelling voice actor with a massive range of voices, tones, skill and ability. I get close to every word in the story, teach myself how the narrative works, map out characters, voice distinction, pace and style. I have my Masters of Fine Arts in dramatic writing, so I relish the experience of a story and understand the magic and mechanics of storytelling. I have a keen instinct for drama, comedy (am particularly funny), pace and overall narrative tone. Logistically, I work fast and efficiently, making strong choices both in preparation and in the booth.

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You'll want to read this...

My career as a voice actor and audiobook narrator is... unique. 


In 2003, at 22 years old, I hit the ground running as a surprisingly successful commercial voice actor. I had just booked ads for Kroger's and Listerine. It was then that an agent recommended I hire Peter Rofe as my voice coach.


During my 3rd coaching session, Rofe locked me in his office/recording booth and sexually assaulted me. My voice acting career was derailed after that. I suddenly couldn't book a job. So I took what wound up being a 15 year hiatus from voice acting.

But then...

In 2017, inspired by Rose MacGowan's account of Weinstein in The New Yorker, I led a coalition of what grew to 60 women, all victims of sexual assault at the hands of Peter Rofe, and brought him down.


Read all about it on CNN.  CNN Reporter Brynn Gringas did a feature on our #MeToo take down of Rofe. I used my unmarried name, Sara Asselin, in all accounts.


Once our feature ran on CNN, the story was covered by NBC-NY, The New York Post, The NY Post again, News12 Long IslandBackstage, VoiceOverXtra, The Hudson Independent, The Hollywood Reporter,, The New York Daily News and many others. 


As a collective, we destroyed Rofe's business and reputation. Although we took him to civil court, we were not able to take him down criminally due to a statute of limitations issue with his worst crimes. It was, however, a liberating experience. I am now currently rebuilding my voice acting portfolio, specifically in audiobook narration.

My narration work so far includes:


The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip

The Scarlet Pen

Tatum Talks

Cold Light of Day (Book 1: Missing in Alaska)

Shadows at Dusk (Book 2: Missing in Alaska)

Hidden in the Dark (Book 3: Missing in Alaska)

A Vanishing at Castle Moreau

Fall From Grace (Fall From Grace Book 1)

The Lies We Tell (Fall From Grace Book 2)

The Truth of It (Fall From Grace Book 3)


LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS)

When You Least Expect It

Crimson River

Shadow Lands




I can send voice samples upon request--------------------->

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