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Dora Maar

written by Sara Farrington // directed by Reid Farrington // choreographed by Laura K Nicoll

produced by Foxy Films

Dora Maar is an interrogation of the surrealist artist Dora Maar. It's both a performance and gallery work, a durational theatrical performance combining visual art, new media, text and live music told in cubist visual, narrative and structural style. It exists in 2 rooms: gallery first, displaying works featured in the performance, which, of course, happens in the second.

This piece began its development journey thanks to a residency at The Mercury Store, Brooklyn, NY, April 2023

This piece will open at The Brick Theater's Brick Aux Gallery & Performance Space, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, November, 2024, made possible by the great Theresa Buchheister.

brick image.JPG


Images from work-in-progress at Mercury Store, April 2023, featuring MS company performers Rina Dutta & Robbie Tolentino

Images from our Summer 2023 intensives at Foxy Films' home studio in NJ. Pictured here: Laura K Nicoll, Matt McGloin, Jenny McClinton, Zoe Van Tieghem, Ambika Raina

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