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The Rise & Fall of Miles & Milo

Written by Sara Farrington

Directed by Melissa Firlit

"...To tell you more would spoil the twists and turns of this little gem of a play, but Farrington's script is a funny and searching discussion of the intersection of art and commerce. What does it mean for art when huge decisions about what gets financed are made by corporate bureaucracies that have very different interests from artists?"


WINNER: Outstanding Playwriting Award, 2007 FringeNYC

Miles and Milo are the two most brilliant, multi-talented, multi-genred artists in the entire known universe. Each day they sit outside an arts funding organization, The Sunshine Foundation, protesting what they believe is a deliberate attempt to hold them down. Until one day, the Sunshine Foundation grants them unlimited funds. Slowly but surely, these two incredible artists spiral downward into bland, repressed, NPR-listening drones. An hysterical, poignant and farcical look at the struggles of an artist in a commercially driven world.


The Rise & Fall of Miles & Milo, NYC Premiere // The SoHo Playhouse, FringeNYC//August 2007

Pictured: Sara Farrington  & Nat Cassidy

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