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Mickey & Sage
by Sara Farrington


Mickey & Sage

by Sara Farrington

Published December 2014

Play Description

Mickey’s dad and Sage’s mom are really, really good friends. So every day after school, Mickey’s dad drops Mickey off at Sage’s house and the two kids (played by adults) are forced to play together in Sage’s tightly fenced-in backyard while the parents are “hanging out.” The kids spend the endless hours rationalizing adult behavior, making sense of the cosmos, spying on their disturbing neighbors and surviving each other. Both funny and tragic, MICKEY & SAGE examines the clarity, beauty and brevity of childhood by constantly asking, “What happens to people?”


Production Info

Cast: 3 total (1 female, 2 male)
Full Length Drama (about 60 minutes)
Minimal Set Requirements
Contemporary Costumes

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