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Richard Foreman

Jennifer Tipton

In my recurring column in The Brooklyn Rail called Power & Punk: New York's Avant Garde Lifers, I interview avant-garde performers, writers, directors, and designers who have dedicated their lives to forging New York's contemporary theater. These artists knew the rules and rejected them, gambling on new modes of expression and trusting impulses true to their experience.


Each interview explores how they started, what keeps them going, the evolutions they've seen, what it takes and what it took to make a life as an artist in New York City.

Thanks to the people who make this happen: Emily DeVoti, & The Brooklyn Rail, Clay Hapaz & Mike Farry @ The Wooster Group, Ozzie Rodriguez @ LaMama Archvies, T. Ryder Smith, Juliana Francis Kelly, Bob Cucuzza, David Skeist, Frank Boudreaux, Paul DiPietro, Joseph Moran, Bronwen Sharp, Eric Bernhard @ Sledgehammer Theater, Meghan Finn, Richard Termine, New York Library for The Performing Arts, Kirk McCoy,  Jody Christopherson, Reid Farrington.