The Lost Conversation: Interviews With an Enduring Avant-Garde

Published by 53rd State Press
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In the summer of 2019, a rehearsal workshop destroyed my mental health.

So I interview some of the most legendary NYC avant-garde theater makers I could think of and ask them how

How did you survive?
How did you pay rent?
How did you stay courageous?
How did you not quit?
How did you deal with "no?"
How did you stay pure?
How? How? How?
My long-form interview series originally started off as a recurring column in The Brooklyn Rail and will soon be published as a full book with The 53rd State Press.

Artists include:
Adrienne Kennedy
 Kate Valk
 Richard Foreman
Ping Chong
Deborah Hay
Bill T Jones
Jennifer Tipton
Robert Wilson
Lee Breuer
Karen Kandel
Black-Eyed Susan
David Henry Hwang

Maude Mitchell
Anne Bogart
Ching Valdes-Aran

Mac Wellman
Lola Pashalinski
JoAnne Akalaitis
Gloria Miguel
Eduardo Machado
Andre Gregory
Nicky Paraiso
David Van Tieghem
Jeffery M Jones

Less about the art itself and more about the emotional life of the artist, each interview explores how they started, what kept them going, the evolutions they've seen, what it takes and what it took to make a life as an artist in New York City.

Thanks to the friends who connected, prepped & worked with me on this:
Kate Kremer, Emily DeVoti, Antje Oegel,  David Skeist, Linda Chapman, The Brooklyn Rail, Clay Hapaz & Mike Farry @ The Wooster Group, Ozzie Rodriguez @ LaMama Archvies, T. Ryder Smith, Juliana Francis Kelly, Bob Cucuzza, Frank Boudreaux, Paul DiPietro, Joseph Moran, Bronwen Sharp, Gisela Cardenas, Eric Bernhard @ Sledgehammer Theater, Spiderwoman Theater, Bjorn Amelan, Alexandra Collier, New York Live Arts, Kristiana Cowser, Jonathan Lomma, Meghan Finn, James Scruggs, Tina Mitchell, Richard Termine, New York Library for The Performing Arts, Morgan Library, Kirk McCoy, 
Reid Farrington