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The Scarlet Pen by Jennifer UhlarikNarrated by Sara Farrington
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The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip by Sara BrunsvoldNarrated by Sara Farrington
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Dept. of Speculation by Jenny OffillNarrated by Sara Farrington
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Audiobook Narrator & Voice Actor

Sara has recently returned to ancient passion of hers, audiobook narration and voice acting.


Her voice acting range and skillset is extensive. A lifetime of theater training has equipped her with the ability to incorporate direction quickly, adjust tone, voice & intent, alter her voice greatly or ever so subtly.


Sara has an uncanny ear for vocal impressions (She can mimic most characters from The Simpsons, try her). She received conservatory actor training at The Royal Shakespeare Company's Program Intensive in Startford-Upon-Avon, UK, The National Theater Institute @ The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center & Connecticut College.


Sara has worked in the theater in New York City for twenty years, and has her own theater company, Foxy Films.


However, there was a big gap in Sara's voice acting career. & she's only now getting back into it  Here's why:


Sara was part of the coalition to bring down voice coach and serial sexual predator Peter Rofe in 2018, a story featured on CNN, NBC, The New York Post, Backstage and many more media outlets. (All testimony was given under her unmarried name, Sara Asselin.)

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